Building Revenue and
Reducing Marketing Costs

for Shopify Stores

The biggest challenge for e-commerce stores is building sustainable revenue for their businesses.

Crowded markets and intense competition prevail, making it ever more difficult than ever to profitably build  audience and revenue for your Shopify store.

AdAmplify develops software solutions that provide you with the tools to grow your business while making your marketing more cost-effective.


Driving Revenue to Your Door

AdAmplify produces software applications that offer Shopify vendors cost-effective ways to grow a sustainable e-commerce business by targeting new audiences and re-engaging existing ones. We’re passionate about increasing the return on your advertising and marketing programs. While, at the same time, reducing the complexities and inefficiencies in competitive apps that cost you time and money.

We offer a variety of tools to build your business by better measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns in sustaining growth and by making more effective use of a variety of channels through which you can promote your brand and products.

Here’s an overview of our growing suite of applications.

Dimensions Attribution

Dimensions Attribution takes data analysis and performance metrics to the next level. Dimensions is the most powerful multi-channel attribution platform for Shopify Merchants.

Dimensions provides unique insights into the customers most valuable to your business and the campaigns, ad groups, and ads that are making the most impact on revenue growth.

Use Dimensions to increase your revenue and make the most effective and profitable use of every marketing dollar you spend..

Google & Facebook Shopping Feeds

Managing the products in your Google & Facebook Shopping Feeds can be time-consuming and, with constantly evolving rules, frustrating to manage. 

Our Shopping Feed app makes the complex easier. Our unique tools let you manage your feed before and after it’s uploaded and to deal with the many requirements not supported in Shopify.

Use AdAmplify’s Shopping Feed to reduce the time and effort to advertise your products on Google and Facebook.



Navago Shopping Feed

For Shopify artisans only. The Navago marketplace provides a new sales channel through which to introduce your goods to an audience passionate about products like yours.

Use The Navago Shopping Feed to feature your products on Navago and introduce yourself to like-minded consumers committed to healthy lifestyles and natural or organic products.

Sales Increase Chart

Increasing Marketing ROI

Measuring and understanding the metrics that determine campaign sustainability requires a combination of metrics that are key to continuous growth and the use of platforms that are most suited the stage and nature of your business.


Don’t have the experience or the time to setup, run and manage Google ad campaigns?

We can help with a custom AdAmplify Managed Services program.

Our Customers Speak


We have recently downloaded this app to test and see how it compares to the previous Google shopping feed apps that we have tried before. I have to say we made the right decision about moving our store to AdAmplify. The App was seamless and


Essential Rose Life

We recently purchased this app from AdAmplify. Syncing our Shopify products to the Google Merchant Center was quite straightforward and easy. We had our account and a few products disapproved by Google but the app gave us directions on how to fix these issues. We

Essential Rose Life

GIA Minerals

I’m a newbie to Google Shopping but I used AdAmplify for another program they run and wanted to give their Google Shopping app feed a try. The app was easy to install and not knowing Google Shopping at all, they helped me through the setup

GIA Minerals

2nd Wind

We had a disappointing previous experience with Google Shopping ads (no revenue generated) but decided to give it another try using AdAmplify and their Google Shopping Feed. This is a very new app but it is nicely designed with each step clearly laid out. It’s

2nd Wind

Trusted by Shopify Merchants

Recruit New Customers

For online Shopify stores, exposure means getting in front of consumers ready to purchase. The more relevant your products are to a user’s search or demographics, the higher the chance you have to convert. AdAmplify gets your products in front of motivated consumers who are ready to purchase products like yours.
Sales Increase Chart

New Revenue

Getting the right product in front of the right user at the right time is key, but to successfully convert purchase intent to action means that your product ads must contain complete and current information, and that your site is optimized for conversions.

Sustain Exposure

Re-engaging users who have purchased means having an understanding of the user journey and of the campaigns that are most effective in attracting prospects who have the potential to be repeat purchasers and the channels that most effectively convert these prospects to repeat purchasers. That means having access to the metrics essential for building a successful e-commerce strategy.


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