Dimensions: The Next Generation of Marketing Attribution Software

Scale Your Revenue with Deeper Insights into Your Users’ Behavior and Probability They’ll Purchase

Dimensions does the heavy lifting, analyzing your first-party data, providing unique insights into customer behavior, and highlighting clear paths to incremental revenue.  

 Using Machine Learning, Dimensions provides data-driven insights into the performance of the channels and campaigns driving purchases.

By analyzing visitor behavior, Dimensions Attribution determines the probability visitors will purchase on your site.

Allowing it to forecast future revenue by initial and subsequent purchases for each channel and campaign.


Leverage Your First-Party Data / Focus on Your Customers

Are you using platforms like Google Analytics that own your data? And are focused on your visitors, not your customers?

With Dimensions Attribution, you own your data. Because it’s first-party data, you’re not subject to privacy restrictions limiting the use of third-party data.

With Dimensions, it’s all about making you more successful by leveraging your “named” customers to improve performance and maximize your marketing spend.  

Prioritize High-Converting Channels 

Improve ROAS & maximize spend using our data-driven Multi-Touch Attribution model.

Leverage User Behavior

Improve your site’s marketing performance using your visitors’ probability of purchase. 

Forecast Revenue Lift

Predict  incremental revenue you can generate from your channels and campaigns. 

Nurture Repeat Purchasers

Understand purchaser behavior and convert new customers to repeat ones. 

Trusted by E-Commerce Merchants

Key Metrics at Your Fingertips

More Than Just Another Attribution Platform

Machine Learning Levels Up Your Ability to Scale 

Discard obsolete rules-based attribution models. Dimensions Attribution uses AdAmplify’s Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to generate and refresh your custom data-driven multi-touch attribution model each day based on the user interactions and conversions actually happening on your site.

Deeper Understanding of Your Customer Behavior

ML Determines Probability of Purchase

Let AdAmplify’s Machine Learning do the heavy lifting. It analyzes the interactions that are critical to the successful performance of the channels, campaigns, and creative on your site. Using this data, it can then calculate the probability of purchase of visitors from each source.

Know Where to Put Your Marketing Dollars

Predictive Forecasting Highlights New Opportunities 

Based on your visitor behavior that leads to purchases on your site, Dimensions Attribution can forecast the revenue potential of bringing additional users to your store from the channels, campaigns, and creative you’re deploying. Find the “hidden gems” of incremental opportunity.

Focus on Your Most Valuable Customers

Repeat Purchases Drive Profitability

Maximize your ROI by identifying the channels, campaigns, and ads that convert most effectively to first and repeat purchases. Our customer journey mapping and your site’s mean days between purchases help you to more effectively prioritize your customer outreach programs.

New Insights / Better Strategies

Dimensions Attribution takes data analysis and performance metrics to the next level using our proprietary machine-learning technology.

Our Probability of Purchase calculations and Predictive Revenue Analysis make Dimensions the most powerful multi-channel data-driven attribution platform. 

Increase Revenue / Optimize Spend

Dimensions Attribution amplifies your marketing campaigns and increases your revenue through deeper insights, recommendations, and predictive capabilities.

Dimensions Attribution allows you to make better decisions on how you allocate and optimize your marketing spend and increase conversions.

Reduce the Heavy Lifting

Competitive attribution platforms leave it to you to deal with an overwhelming amount of data and sort through the metrics to find what’s working, what’s not, and where there are opportunities.

Dimensions Attribution relieves you of that heavy lifting and provides the critical analysis and guidance so you can devote more time to scaling your business.

Revolutionary Machine Learning Features Built on a Game-Changing Marketing Attribution Platform. 

Machine Learning is taking Dimensions to a unique new level.

Dimensions already offered you everything you’d expect in a marketing attribution platform … and much more.

Now, with Machine Learning, Dimensions is providing revolutionary new capabilities to decrease your workload and improve your ability to optimize your marketing campaigns.

That means features you won’t find in competitive platforms. Check them out here.


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