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Working with AdAmplify gives you access to our many decades of real-world online advertising experience, with a focus on relentlessly building an audience and revenue for Shopify merchants.

Our e-commerce roots go back to the late 1990s developing online marketplaces for the world’s largest media companies. We bring that same enterprise experience and approach to every software product we build today.

What We Offer

We’re users too, so we appreciate the importance of good support. And, with a long history developing e-commerce software and running online campaigns, we understand your marketing challenges. And build products to make the complex easier.

Check out our suite of Shopping Apps for Google and Facebook/Instagram.


Google Shopping

Reduce the time required to manage the products you want to appear in Google Shopping ads, Buy on Google, Google's Free Product Listings and Google Shopping.

AdAmplify lets you easily configure your feed, edit titles & descriptions, and override categories Google assigns to your products.

Shopify Options are automatically mapped to corresponding Google Attributes. For Google Attributes not available in Shopify, we make it easy to add these to your products so that you meet Google's listing requirements.

To qualify for Google's Enhanced Listings, we generate the variants to their specs. To protect and grow your account ranking, we suspend products from your feed that Google disapproves until you've addressed their complaint.

In short, we make managing your feed a whole lot easier.

PLUS (includes all Essentials features)

Facebook & Instagram Shopping

Accelerate building audience and revenue! Facebook & Instagram offer ad campaigns that complement those you’re running on Google Shopping. Campaigns geared to re-engage past visitors and purchasers.

But do you really need a second app to build, manage and monitor your Facebook campaigns?  We didn’t think you did!  So, we developed an app that allows you to handle the needs of both Google and Facebook Shopping campaigns.

And bundled it up into a single integrated feed management dashboard that'll reduce your time and effort to manage and drive sales from both Facebook/Instagram and Google..

PRO (includes all PLUS features)

Auto Sync Your Buy on Google Orders

Buy on Google (formerly Shopping Actions) offers a great channel to increase your revenue, by selling your products right on Google Shopping and its universal shopping cart.

And Buy on Google is now free. No upfront fees! Google no longer charges a commission on purchases made through their shopping cart. So, it's now easy to get started.

And AdAmplify's made posting orders from Buy on Google to your store easy as well, automatically syncing them directly to your Shopify shop. You fulfill these orders in your store just as you do now, and we automatically sync fulfillment details back to the Google Merchant Center.

With no Google fees, and AdAmplify's seamless integrations, this is an opportunity not to be passed over. Promote your products. Build your revenue.

Driving Profits To Your Door

 AdAmplify focuses on producing software apps that offer Shopify vendors cost-effective ways to grow an e-commerce business by targeting new audiences and re-engaging existing ones. We’re passionate about increasing the return on your advertising and marketing programs. While, at the same time, reducing the complexities and inefficiencies in competitive apps that cost you time and money.

Recruit New Customers

For online Shopify stores, exposure means getting in front of consumers ready to purchase. The more relevant your products are to a user’s search or demographics, the higher the chance you have to convert. AdAmplify gets your products in front of motivated consumers who are ready to purchase products like yours.

Sales Increase Chart

New Revenue

Getting the right product in front of the right user at the right time is key, but to successfully convert purchase intent to action means that your product ad must contain complete information, including available options such as size and color. Enhanced listings generated by AdAmplify increase conversions and scale revenue.

Increase Exposure

Shopify builds great stores. But, with all the competition out there, cost-effectively getting your merchandise in front of potential customers is a real challenge. AdAmplify provides the bridge you need to get your products up on platforms like Google’s and Facebook’s shopping channels, so you get the exposure you need to continuously build your audience.

At AdAmplify


And we absolutely love creating ones that reduce the complexities of online advertising, and that increase the return on your ad spend.


Don’t have the experience or the time to setup, run and manage Google ad campaigns?

We can help with a custom AdAmplify Managed Services program.

Our Customers Speak


We have recently downloaded this app to test and see how it compares to the previous Google shopping feed apps that we have tried before. I have to say we made the right decision about moving our store to AdAmplify. The App was seamless and


Essential Rose Life

We recently purchased this app from AdAmplify. Syncing our Shopify products to the Google Merchant Center was quite straightforward and easy. We had our account and a few products disapproved by Google but the app gave us directions on how to fix these issues. We

Essential Rose Life

GIA Minerals

I’m a newbie to Google Shopping but I used AdAmplify for another program they run and wanted to give their Google Shopping app feed a try. The app was easy to install and not knowing Google Shopping at all, they helped me through the setup

GIA Minerals

2nd Wind

We had a disappointing previous experience with Google Shopping ads (no revenue generated) but decided to give it another try using AdAmplify and their Google Shopping Feed. This is a very new app but it is nicely designed with each step clearly laid out. It’s

2nd Wind

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