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Dimensions is the leader in using Machine Learning (ML) for data-driven insights into customer behavior, predictive analytics, and ML-driven marketing attribution.

As long-time ecommerce marketers, we saw the need for a Behavioral Customer Data Platform that ingested your site’s complex behavioral paths; determined your users’ probability of purchase; and predicted the future revenue they’d generate.


User Behavior


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User Behavior Analysis

When you want to answer these questions (and more):

  • How many repeat customers do we have?
  • How many customers are at risk of churning?
  • How many customers placed one, two, three, … orders?
  • When should we re-market to different cohorts of customers based on their purchase cadence?


Predictive Analytics

 When you want to answer such questions as these:

  • What’s the probability that users brought to our site from each channel will purchase?
  • Is the probability of purchase for our key channels increasing or decreasing? 
  • How much revenue can we expect over the next 30, 60, or 90 days by bringing 1,000 new visitors to our site?


Behavior-Based Marketing

When you’re looking for answers to these:

  • Can we view individual user journeys and their interactions with our store and their key revenue stats?
  • Can we build re-marketing lists (email or SMS) for opt-in customers who haven’t purchased in a certain period?
  • Can we build a re-marketing list of customers at risk of churning?


ML-Driven Marketing Attribution

When looking for a single source of truth:

  • What’s working / what’s not?
  • How does Machine Learning (“data-driven”) attribution outperform the “rules-based” ones we’re using?
  • Can we break out initial and subsequent purchases for channels, campaigns, ad groups, and creative?
  • What channels are driving new and repeat customers?


Key Business Trends

When looking for a snapshot of key metrics over select periods:

  • How is Customer Acquisition Cost trending overall & by channel?
  • How do Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value stack up against acquisition costs?
  • Which channels are bringing the most loyal customers?
  • How are each of my paid channels are trending for key metrics like ROAS, CAC, AOV, and CLV?


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