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Acuva Achieves 500% ROAS for Google Ads

March 9, 2021


Acuva's IntenseBeam Products

Acuva’s UV-LED water disinfection products

Acuva designs and manufactures UV-LED disinfection systems for water, air and surface applications. The company’s 2-step water treatment systems are integrated with their patented UV-LED IntenseBeam™ technology which eliminates up to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and cysts in drinking water.


The Challenge

Acuva was faced with a challenge. It had a cutting-edge lineup of UV-LED drinking water disinfection systems for RV, Marine, Cottage and Home applications.

But their Google Ads campaigns weren’t getting noticed by consumers.

In July 2020, they looked to AdAmplify to improve their exposure and Google Ads revenue.

Fast forward six months: monthly Google-driven revenue was up 4 times. And Acuva’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) had topped 500%. Each purchase was costing less while at the same time revenue was growing, the ultimate sign of strong optimization across all campaign types.


The Goal

Boosting product purchases.

When signing on with AdAmplify, Acuva’s request was simple: optimize our Google Ads campaigns to help us attract qualified customers, boost brand awareness and increase online sales. “Just make more effective use of our ad dollars,” was Acuva’s request in a nutshell.


The Results

Deep analysis drives informed strategies and maximizes campaign optimization

“We struggled a bit with the optimization process early on because of a lack of available historical data in both Acuva’s Google Ads and Analytics accounts,” reports Kevin Jampole, CRO of AdAmplify.

“But, even so, we were able to produce immediate gains from our initial tuning and optimization of the new campaigns we set up that first month. We took Acuva’s ROAS in the first full month of August to 359%. And increased revenue 2x.”

With the increasing amount of data being collected each successive month, AdAmplify continuously reviewed, tested and optimized campaigns. Performance steadily improved month over month, with traffic growing and revenue increasing. By January ROAS was running at 542% and revenue had increased 4x.”

AdAmplify’s initial audit of Acuva’s Google Ads account in late July turned up a variety of opportunities Acuva hadn’t been exploiting. “We found that Acuva had not used Smart campaigns,” Jampole explained. “We’ve had outstanding results from this type of campaign for other businesses, so this was one of the items we prioritized early on.”

Because Google, not the AdAmplify team, manages and optimizes the bidding in the background, the secret of Smart campaigns is to select and test the primary search terms used for targeting. This helps Google serve the appropriate ads when users search terms related to the ones we’ve set up.

“We also supplemented our Smart campaigns with Google Shopping ads. This we’ve found to be a very effective means of increasing qualified traffic to Acuva’s site,” says Jampole.

Unlike Smart Shopping’s automated bidding, Google Shopping ads campaigns leave optimization and bidding to the advertiser.

Running Google Shopping ads means that potential customers not only see Acuva products in Shopping’s image ads at the top of search results pages but are also in the Google Shopping tab.

By using a mix of Shopping campaigns AdAmplify dramatically increased traffic to Acuva. This led directly to a significant increase in prospective customers clicking through to the applicable product page in their store and purchasing the product.

“What we know through working with our range of clients over the years is that ‘one size’ doesn’t fit all’. But the process we follow is based on a set of key strategies that we develop for each client to ensure their campaigns are successful.”

Fundamental to the development of these strategies is a deep analysis of the available data from multiple sources: Google Ads and Analytics, Facebook, Shopify, and other platforms our clients may be using including Amazon, WayFair, etc. This comparative analysis informs our strategies to maximize ROAS and revenue.


How Is AdAmplify Different than Most Agencies?

AdAmplify’s team has a long history of developing and running e-commerce marketplaces and managing and optimizing e-commerce marketing campaigns.

“We’ve walked in our clients’ shoes, so we think about our client’s business as business people. We understand e-commerce marketing and product strategies. We know how to play as part of the team. And we tie our compensation firmly to the ROI we deliver.”

If hiring a marketing agency is an option you’re considering, Engage an E-Commerce Marketing Partner or Do It In-House? explores the steps to get ready and to find the partner who can help you succeed.


About Acuva: Driving Innovation

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, as the old saying goes. Combine a technology-driven company with a CEO who comes down with Covid-19 from shared equipment and what do you get? Solarix, Acuva’s game-changing LED disinfection wand that sanitizes surfaces in seconds. Check Solarix out here.

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