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AdAmplify Your Google Actions, Shopping or Surfaces Campaigns

The Google Merchant Center can be a daunting experience, without the added complexities and evolving rules when implementing Google Actions. But, once again, we make the complex easier, providing the tools to optimize a single feed for Shopping Actions, Shopping Ads, and Surfaces across Google. And easier still by syncing your Actions orders back to your Shopify store.


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Enhanced Listings

Map Your Options

Design a Better Roadmap! With our unique Mapping Dictionary, you control how your Shopify Options are mapped to the Attribute values required by Google for Actions when your feed is built.

Enhance Your Listings

Avoid rejection! Reduce the time and effort to comply with Google’s requirements for Enhanced Listings. Ensure your products effectively present all the options users must select when purchasing.

Easily Manage Orders

Simple is the winner!
Actions orders, refunds and fulfillment are synchronized automatically between Google and your Shopify store. Process orders just as you’re doing now.

Google Shopping Actions

We get Shopify and Google to play nice with one another. You get to drive new sales revenue using Google Actions, paying only a low commission fee to Google on sales made through the Google Shopping universal shopping cart.

Scaling your business the easy and right way


Stay at Home in Shopify

We don’t believe you should have to learn to manage your Google Shopping business through their Merchant Center. With AdAmplify, you manage all your Actions sales from inside your Shopify store.

Enterprise-Level Execution

Integrating two major systems like Shopify and Google so they play nice requires a professional, experienced e-commerce development team. Flawless integration is what AdAmplify delivers.

Order Processing

Processing orders & fulfillment information between Google and Shopify must be 100% dependably transferred. We accurately & automatically synchronize these to and from your Shopify store.

Map Shopify Options

Ensure that Google Shopping users see an accurate listing of each product’s options. As well as Intelligent Mapping of Shopify Options to Google, our Mapping Dictionary allows you to resolve exceptions.

Variant Grouping

To be eligible for Google’s new Enhanced Listings, apparel & other products must group certain required variants. AdAmplify handles this automatically so your products qualify for Enhanced Listings on Google Shopping.

Plus All Our Shopping Features

Actions Pro is an extension of our
Google Shopping app, so you enjoy its features, including:
• Feed Setup & Configuration
• In-App Feed Manager
• Auto Handling of Disapproved Products
• Title & Description Editing
• Intelligent Option Mapping
• Automatic Product updates


Designed for the enterprise, used by growing brands. Adamplify’s Shopping Actions app delivers a whole new level of integration with Google. Syncing products, orders, refunds and fulfillment. Making the complex simple, improving your bottom line. 

Google Shopping Integration

Great Support

AdAmplify is dedicated to making your Google Shopping and Actions experience a positive one by removing complexity and backing that up with support to help set up your first AdAmplify App. Download this App today and receive a free hour of initial consultation to help you navigate the complexities of the Google Merchant Center.

Need Help with Campaigns

Setting up and managing your first Google Ads campaign, or running subsequent ones, may require more time or more expertise than you have in-house. We can help. We’ve managed hundreds of campaigns, seeing returns of 300% and more on our customer’s ad spend. Click here for more information on AdAmplify’s Managed Campaign Services.