Ditch free analytics tools that aren’t helping you maximize market spend

Our platform gives ecommerce marketers the deeper insights they need to scale revenue and maximize marketing spend.

With game-changing insights into customer behavior and clear paths to increased revenue, Dimensions Attribution from AdAmplify will transform how you optimize your channels and campaigns.

Critical marketing insights you won’t get anywhere else

Free analytics tools offer little more than visitor numbers. You need a holistic picture of customer behavior that leads to purchases. Not just visitor numbers.

Gain data-driven insights into customer behavior with Dimensions Attribution by AdAmplify. As ecommerce marketers ourselves, we built our platform to improve historical performance, and accurately forecast future revenue potential from your marketing channels and campaigns.


Customizable Marketing Attribution

Discard obsolete rules-based attribution models that can’t be tailored to your ecommerce store. Dimensions Attribution uses machine learning (ML) algorithms to generate multi-touch attribution models based on your site’s activity.

Forecast Future Revenue

Dimensions can forecast the potential revenue from each of your marketing channels and campaigns, helping you identify new opportunities and uncover the hidden gems of your marketing efforts.

Leverage Your Users’ Probability of Purchase

Dimensions leverages ML to determine the probability of purchase, or the likelihood that a visitor or customer will make a purchase using a given channel on your site.

Maximize Repeat Purchases

Dimensions maps the customer journey and identifies customer churn to help you optimize your customer outreach programs.

Dramatically improve results with game-changing analytics.

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