Dimensions is the most powerful, multi-channel attribution platform for Shopify Merchants spending $3,000 per month or more on paid advertising.

You think you know if your paid advertising is working …

But do you?


To know what’s really working, you need more than the traditional analytics platforms you may currently be using.

Dimensions Attribution takes data analysis and performance metrics to the next level.

 With Dimensions in place, you:  

Focus time and money on campaigns based on their performance against your key metrics.

Understand what platforms, campaigns, and ads are driving subsequent purchases … the life blood of most successful businesses.

Make informed decisions on what is working and what isn’t.

Analyze and segment full user journeys for each purchase; check out latest post-purchase interactions; and run email campaigns against filtered user journey cohorts.

Maximize your revenue, profitability, and advertising ROI.


If you are serious about scaling your business, give us 15 minutes to show you how we can help.


Can you tell which channels and campaigns are cost-effectively driving new purchases? Which are
recruiting customers who  purchase repetitively?


Can you tell which channels and campaigns are cost-effectively driving new purchases? Which are recruiting customers who  purchase repetitively?


We Are Shopify-centric!

Dimensions is the only attribution platform specifically designed for Shopify merchants.  

Our deep integration with Shopify ensures you receive critical revenue and customer information that aligns exactly with your store’s data.

Dimensions doesn’t compete with Google Ads or Analytics. Instead we provide a layer of performance data that presents new insights on customer engagement and marketing performance.

Unlike Google Ads, Google Analytics and other attribution apps, the Dimensions platform highlights the marketing channels and campaigns that attract and engage long-term active customers and repeat, profitable purchases. 

Give us 30 minutes to show you why Shopify merchants rave about Dimensions.


You need Dimensions to make critical business decisions.

Dimensions Attribution enables Shopify merchants to maximize their Marketing ROI by:.

Highlighting the channels and marketing campaigns that deliver the highest ROI for first-time and repeat purchases.

Identifying the initiatives that generate the highest average order and average customer values.

Showing you the channels, campaigns, and ads that convert most effectively to both first and subsequent purchases. 


Other attribution apps fall short.

They overwhelm you with data, making it virtually impossible to connect the dots from one purchase to the next.

They consolidate revenue, treating initial and subsequent purchases as one and the same.

They largely duplicate metrics and  information from Google Ads and Analytics.


We help you succeed …

Dimensions gives you the metrics to really understand performance at every level so you can optimize your campaigns, focus your time and money on the top initiatives, and remove or re-configure unprofitable ones.

Give us 15 minutes to show you how Dimensions is built to help maximize your revenues, profitability and advertising ROI.


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