Are you attracting and engaging customers

who’ll be repeat buyers?

It’s one thing to attract new purchasers. Another to turn those first-time buyers into repeat customers.

Get Dimensions Attribution and: 

  • Understand which campaigns recruit new customers & which re-engage them.
  • Retarget new & repeat buyers with unique offers.
  • Increase repeat purchases, improve profitability.
  • Make repeat buyers the lifeblood of your store.

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With Dimensions Attribution

Focus on Your Most Valuable Customers

Know the channels, campaigns, and ads that drive repeat purchases.

Prioritize and double-down on the initiatives that increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Make repeat purchasers the profit-engine for your business.

Companies that track and measure campaign performance & understand their users are more successful.

Dimensions Attribution is one of the best purchases we’ve made since we opened up our store site. The attribution dashboard provides very easy and clear information so we can make strategic decisions on growing our business.”

Organic Ocean Seafood

See What Dimensions Can Do for You.

Dimensions is the most powerful multi-channel attribution platform for Shopify Merchants spending $3,000/month & more on paid advertising.

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