Improve marketing ROI with these ecommerce strategies

Marketing attribution has never been more important for ecommerce companies. The right data and the right insights are essential to help you allocate marketing spend for maximum results and growth.

Navigating whatever the economy or competitors throw your way requires clarity and insight into exactly how your marketing strategy is performing—and what is (or isn’t) leading to growth.

This whitepaper was crafted to help you learn:

  • How to find the data you need—and why you should avoid the rest
  • Why the user journey is more important than ever
  • How to test marketing channels and prioritize the ones that are working
  • Why repeat customers are one of the most critical components of your strategy
  • How machine learning is transforming marketing insights and strategies.

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How Forward-Thinking Ecommerce Businesses Leverage Marketing Attribution to Grow in Any Economy

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With Dimensions Attribution

Take Your Marketing ROI to a Whole New Level

Understand the channels contributing to first purchases, and those to repeat purchases.

Optimize every campaign, ad group, and ad to meet these goals.

Focus on the top performing initiatives, remove or re-configure unprofitable ones.

Increase your return on your marketing spend.

Dimensions Attribution is one of the best purchases we’ve made since we opened up our store site. The attribution dashboard provides very easy and clear information so we can make strategic decisions on growing our business.”

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