The competition online for audience and revenue is
brutal and relentless …

We help you win.

Make informed decisions faster across multiple channels and campaigns. Get clarity on the complex. Focus on the trends and metrics really driving your marketing performance.

Dimensions Attribution keeps you ahead of your competitors with accurate, timely data and tools they don’t have.

Dimensions is quite simply the most powerful multi-channel attribution platform for Shopify Merchants spending $3,000/month & more on paid advertising.

With Dimensions, you will win by:

Making informed decisions on what’s working and what isn’t.

Understanding what platforms, campaigns, and ads are driving subsequent purchases … the life blood of most successful businesses.

Focussing time and money on the campaigns that are profitable.

“Dimensions Attribution is one of the best purchases we’ve made since we opened up our store site. The attribution dashboard provides very easy and clear information so we can make strategic decisions on growing our business.”

Organic Ocean Seafood

Do You Know Who Your
Most Valuable Customers Are?

Do You Know How to Reach Them?

Like many businesses, your most valuable customers may be the most frequent purchasers with high average order values.

What do their conversion paths look like? And how do you turn new customers into frequent purchasers?

AdAmplify not only shows you how to identify the ones you should focus on. We provide you with the tools to slice, dice, and filter segmented customer lists for retargeting campaigns that increase engagement and revenue.

“We’ve tried other attribution platforms but Dimensions covers our needs like no other. It laser focuses us on the metrics critical to optimizing results for individual clients. And its ability to filter and build multiple email campaigns from each client’s user journeys allows us to really scale repeat purchases.”

CT21 Analytics

Focus on Your Most Valuable Customers

Repeat Purchases Drive Profitability

Maximize your Marketing ROI by:

Identifying the channels, campaigns, and ads that convert most effectively to both first and subsequent purchases.

Prioritizing the initiatives that generate the highest average order values and increase the lifetime value of each customer.

We are Shopify-centric

Designed for Shopify Merchants

From shopping feeds to marketing attribution, we provide the most comprehensive integration with Shopify.

This deep integration with Shopify ensures we always sync perfectly with your store’s orders, products, customers, and revenue.


Give us 15 minutes to show you why Shopify merchants rave about Dimensions.

Take key performance metrics to a whole new level:

Optimize every campaign, ad group, and ad.

Understand how each channel contributes to first & repeat purchases.

Focus on the top initiatives, remove or re-configure unprofitable ones.

More than just another attribution platform

Dimensions Provides Marketing Tools

Feeling overwhelmed with data? Finding it impossible to connect the dots from one  purchase to the next?

Dimensions Attribution focuses on the metrics key to building successful marketing campaigns.

We also provide specialty tools to make recruiting and re-engaging customers easier and more productive for our Shopify clients.

Give us 15 minutes to show you how Dimensions can maximize your revenue and marketing ROI.

Understand the trends propelling your business,

then dive deep:

Our trends and performance dashboards highlight the key drivers for your business.

Dimensions pinpoint the campaigns driving success or returning poor results.
Drill down from Channels to Campaigns to Ads/Ad Groups.
Sort on any column to rank its metrics.
Compare attribution models.

Dimensions makes sense out of data that can overwhelm.

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