Dimensions: The Next Generation of Marketing Attribution Software

Powerful Marketing Attribution Software Driven by Machine Learning

Traditional analytics platforms overwhelm you with  metrics, forcing you to sort through which channels and campaigns are working, which aren’t, and where there’s opportunity. Dimensions Attribution saves you time, frustration, and misinterpretations. Driven by machine learning (ML), Dimensions provides clarity, highlights trends, interprets results, and recommends new strategies. Giving you more tools and more time to grow your business.

Increase Your Profitability with Our Best-in-Class Attribution Marketing Platform

Making informed decisions based on our deep analysis of your data is the most reliable way to optimize your marketing spend and increase your revenue. Our Dimensions Attribution platform provides data-driven insights into the performance of the channels, campaigns, and ads that are driving both initial and repeat purchases.

Our multi-touch data-driven attribution model, customer analysis tools, and recommendation engine allow you to focus your marketing efforts on constantly improving the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Make Better

Understand which campaigns are working, and which aren’t. Optimize marketing performance and reduce ad costs, with key metrics at your fingertips.

Maximize Repeat

Increase profitability by focusing on the initiatives we highlight that bring new customers that convert to loyal repeat purchasers.

Predict Campaign

Our machine learning tools let you project future performance of your marketing initiatives so you can better allocate marketing budgets.

Outflank Your

Our data insights give you an edge over competitors with insightful trends and recommendations based on deep data analysis.

Target Your Most Valuable Customers with Dimensions Attribution Software

For most businesses, the most valuable customers are the repeat purchasers with high order values. With our marketing attribution software, you get an in-depth customer journey mapping tool that gives you invaluable insights into your customers’ conversion paths. Knowing the journey of your frequent valued customers is essential for turning new customers into repeat purchasers. AdAmplify allows you to create custom list filters to drive retargeting campaigns that increase engagement and revenue. Using machine learning, Dimensions Attribution also builds data driven models of the repeat revenue that you can expect from new customers that come to your site from a selected channel.

Our Marketing Attribution Software Uses Machine Learning to Level Up Your Data Analysis

Data science driven marketing attribution gives you the competitive edge in an increasingly competitive online world. With AdAmplify’s marketing attribution software you will have up-to-date attribution metrics, trends and recommendations at your fingertips to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, our support and industry-specific information in our resources will provide the help you need to get up and running quickly.

Focus on Your Most Valuable Customers

Repeat Purchases Drive Profitability

Maximize your ROI by identifying the channels, campaigns, and ads that convert most effectively to first and repeat purchases. Our customer journey mapping tool helps you find similarities between high-value repeat customers who are ready to re-purchase, allowing you to more effectively prioritize your customer outreach programs.

We Are Shopify-centric

Designed for Shopify Merchants

From shopping feeds to marketing attribution software, we provide the most comprehensive integration with Shopify. This integration ensures we are always perfectly synchronized with your store, while our machine learning platform makes us the best Shopify marketing app for growing your business.

Know Where to Put Your Marketing Dollars

Optimize Key Performance Metrics

Optimize every channel, campaign, ad group, and ad using our performance metrics. Use our machine learning tools to understand the importance of each channel and the probability that its new recruits will purchase.

More Than Just Another Attribution Platform

Dimensions Provides Marketing Tools

Dimensions Attribution provides specialty tools to make recruiting and re-engaging customers easier and more productive for our Shopify clients. Give us 15 minutes to show you how Dimensions Attribution can maximize your revenue and marketing ROI with our marketing attribution software.

Why Choose Dimensions for Your Marketing Attribution Software Needs?

Our unique machine learning (ML) technology automatically builds a custom ML attribution model for your store based on the behavior of your users. We provide the standard attribution models as well, but our ML-model dynamically adjusts based on what’s happening on your site. 

Our specialized marketing attribution tools help you to better understand your customer’s journey when purchasing from your store. Our customer journey mapping tool is one of a kind that gives essential insights into customer behavior and allows you to retarget those most likely to repurchase.

Dimensions provides a new generation of machine learning based tools that highlight the channels and campaigns most effective at bringing new users and repeat purchasers, and predicts what a new group of users (overall or from a specific channel) will purchase as first and as subsequent orders.

Dimensions helps you grow revenue, and gain competitive advantage.

Trusted by Shopify Merchants

Our Marketing Attribution Software Provides Actionable Data to Improve Your ROAS/ROI

As well as helping to grow your top line, Dimensions Attribution improves your ROI/ROAS by providing actionable data at your fingertips. Quickly tune your best performing campaigns, adjust ones with lower than acceptable ROAS, and eliminate those showing poor returns or a negative ROI.

What Our Clients Say

“Dimensions Attribution is one of the best purchases we’ve made since we opened up our store site. The attribution dashboard provides very easy and clear information so we can make strategic decisions on growing our business.”

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What is marketing attribution and why is it important?
Marketing attribution is the process of understanding how your customer came to know your product or service and their path to conversion. Having this knowledge is essential for determining which marketing channels are worth investing in, and which are wasting your marketing dollars. Marketing attribution models make complex decisions easier with comprehensive data that gives you a full picture of your marketing channels, campaigns and ads.
What are the types of marketing attribution models Dimensions supports?
These are the marketing attribution models we support:

  • Dimensions Machine Learning Attribution Model
  • Linear
  • Linear Non-Direct
  • First-Touch
  • Last-Touch
  • Last Non-Direct Touch
  • Comparative (compare any two models)

The type of business you have and the uniqueness of your funnel will dictate which attribution models benefit your business the most. AdAmplify’s marketing attribution software allows you to use all these attribution modeling tools to see which are most effective for your business. With the right attribution platform at your side, you can find the dimensions of attribution models that work best for you.

Why is attribution so important in digital marketing?
For digital marketers, the typical end goal is increasing brand awareness and driving sales through conversions. A proper understanding of attribution models, and finding the right one for your business, allows you to measure and optimize the touchpoints that convert visitors to customers. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of purchase driving touchpoints, you can maximize your marketing efforts by increasing ROI for these avenues. For digital marketers, expanding your business and increasing sales is achieved quickest through a complete understanding of attribution, which is why it is so important for successful businesses. Using machine learning to give you deeper insights into past, present and future performance means that Dimensions Attribution could be the best Shopify marketing attribution app in your toolkit.
What is marketing attribution software?
Marketing attribution software in its simplest definition is software that allows digital marketers to have a complete understanding of which channels, campaigns, ads, and landing pages have the greatest success in converting users. Marketing attribution software has different tools for compiling this data, such as user journey mapping tools, marketing touchpoint tools, and all-in-one shopping feeds for easy optimization. All of these marketing attribution tools work in tandem with one another to give the most relevant information on how to improve your ROAS/ROI through quantitative user data.
What are the benefits of using marketing attribution software?
Marketing attribution software allows marketers to understand which channels, campaign landing pages, and ads have the largest impact on conversions and revenue. Furthermore, with marketing attribution software marketers can track the impact of every interaction a user partakes in. Statistical analysis of users and their behavior allows for marketers to optimize the paths that users take in order to ensure higher conversion rates, and in turn, a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Marketing attribution software also helps marketers understand which campaigns are working, and which aren’t. Armed with this information, the marketer can focus more resources on the best performers, eliminate the weakest ones, or optimize those that are underperforming. Book a free demo with us today to see how we can help your business.
Is Attribution Software easy to use?
Marketing attribution software tries to summarize and organize data and key metrics in ways that make it easy-to-use and less confusing than many analytics platforms. Of course, not every product is successful in this regard. Dimensions achieves this by, in addition to its detailed attribution reports, presenting key trends, performance summaries, customer journey maps, and its machine learning based projections and predictions in graphical formats that make it easier for marketers to understand what’s happening and what next steps will bring improved results. Our clients tell us it’s the easiest and best Shopify marketing app for optimizing their marketing dollars.
What is Machine Learning and how does it make marketers more successful?
Machine Learning as its name suggests lets a custom software application running on a computer process what, by the nature of marketing attribution, is an overwhelming amount of data and quickly recognize and draw inferences from the patterns in historical data. So, it’s ideal for analyzing past attribution data and by recognizing patterns building models that predict future outcomes. Dimensions uses this to automatically develop a Machine Learning attribution model that is “customized” to each store’s past user behaviors, so is much more accurate than general models in use today. Dimensions also uses its machine learning technology to identify past trends and based on these predict future outcomes (e.g., future initial and repeat revenue projections for new users coming to the site from a specific channel).  Book a free demo with us today to see how our machine learning technology can improve the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.
Is marketing attribution software only for large companies?
No, if you are spending money on paid initiatives, marketing attribution software will help you ensure limited budgets are being spent on channels and campaigns that are performing for you. Dimensions has full-featured monthly plans that start at $99 for smaller businesses, a small amount to pay for having the data and guidance needed to maximize every dollar you’re spending, and having true visibility into what is really working, and what isn’t.


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