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Build Audience, Increase Revenue

For Shopify artisans only. Navago provides a new sales channel through which you may introduce your goods to an audience that is passionate about products like yours.

Our audience is committed to healthy lifestyles and purchase natural or organic, wellness or fitness products in a broad range of categories, from food to personal care, from beauty to recreation.

Check out Navago. You’ll be in great company with consumers who love the products Navago promotes.


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Target Navago's Audience

The Navago Artisans audience is passionate about natural, organic and wellness products. After all, Navago is all about products that are “good for the body & soul, naturally”.

Join a New Sales Channel

Sell your products to the Navago audience and develop a new revenue stream. Navago promotes your products on its site, newsletters, social channels, and online ad campaigns.

Promote Your Brand

As well as promoting your products, we promote your brand. Every artisan has its own brand page that tells its story in words and video, plus lists all their products on its page.

Scaling your business the easy and right way

App Features

Navago Product Feed

It’s easy to get your products on Navago. Our feed loads your products & keeps them in sync with changes made on your Shopify Store. Purchases on Navago are auto synced back to your store, so you fulfill Navago orders like those from your own site. Your workload is minimized.

In-App Editing of Products

Within our feed app, you may modify and customize the title and descriptions, assign the product category in which  each product will be listed on Navago, and set up your shipping charges. Product variants are automatically uploaded to Navago.

Promotion by Navago

Once you’ve created your account and uploaded your products, Navago looks after promoting your brand and your products to its audience. This includes being featured on the Navago site, in its newsletters and social channels, its onsite blogs, and its ad campaigns.


Designed for the enterprise, used by aspiring brands. AdAmplify’s Navago Artisans Feed app automates keeping your Shopify store and the Navago Artisans Marketplace in perfect sync. No increase in your daily workload, and new sales to improve your bottom line.

Great Support

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Need Help with Campaigns

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