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AdAmplify Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping is a complex marketplace platform, with evolving rules and regulations. Managing the products in your Google Shopping Feed can be time-consuming and frustrating. AdAmplify’s Google Shopping App makes the complex easier, providing unique tools to let you configure and manage your feed before and after it’s uploaded to the Merchant Center.

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Increase Return on Ad Spend

It’s all about performance! AdAmplify gives you the tools to more effectively use your ad budget & maximize sales results.

Upgrade to Enhanced Listings

Presentation is king! Google’s new Enhanced Listings that group each product’s variants provide a powerful user experience & increased revenue.

Reduce Setup Frustrations

Time is money! Our app helps you quickly and easily resolve tricky issues like account suspensions, product disapprovals, and truncated titles and descriptions.

Google Shopping Feed

Ultimately, a better structured shopping feed that meets Google’s increasingly stringent requirements means less unproductive time on your side and better bottom line results. Take full advantage of the power of Google Shopping ads and free Surfaces on Google ads with an app that delivers a new level of sophistication.

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Scaling your business the easy and right way


Campaign Optimization

Getting a good return on your ad spend can be a difficult and often a  baffling  exercise. Ultimately your success should be measured by a profitable return on each ad dollar spent, not a high volume of unprofitable clicks. Our app allows you to structure your feed to set the stage for stronger performing campaigns, driving and converting more clicks to increased sales revenue.

Easier Feed Management

Our app provides you with embedded tools to manage your Google Shopping Feed inside the app. Quickly select or remove products uploaded from Shopify saving you the time of doing this task in the Merchant Center or Google Ads. And easily set up the overall attributes of your feed (e.g. appending your vendor name to the title for improved search results; using the primary or secondary image).

Manage Product Disapprovals

Ensure your Google account is not at risk or your ad ranking is not downgraded due to repeated submission of disapproved products. AdAmplify suspends disapproved products from your feed to mitigate these risks. We also flag them with the Google error message so you can resolve problems. Once fixed, we automatically re-upload them to the Merchant Center.

Title & Description Editing

Within our app, you may modify a product’s title and description to meet Google’s character constraints for these fields, e.g., condensing a long description so that it’s not cutoff mid-sentence. Provide a different title than your product’s Shopify page. And tune both titles and descriptions to feature your prime keywords for each product and improve your search results.

Intelligent Option Mapping

To properly display your Shopify Options in Google Shopping, your Options must be mapped to Google’s product Attributes. AdAmplify automatically performs this mapping for you for the most common Google Attributes. This means that when one of your products is viewed by a user on Google Shopping, the available options will be shown, resulting in a better user experience.

Variant Grouping

To qualify for Google’s Enhanced Listings, your variants must be grouped so that Google can display each product’s variants in Google Shopping. This provides a better experience for potential purchases as all options are consolidated under a single ad per product. Being qualified for Enhanced Listings improves the performance of your Shopping ads or free Surfaces ads.


Designed for the enterprise, used by aspiring brands. Adamplify’s Google Shopping app ensures that Shopify and Google Shopping play really well together. Reduce your frustrations, increase your productivity, improve your bottom line results. 

Google Shopping Integration

Great Support

AdAmplify is dedicated to making your Google Shopping and Actions experience a positive one by removing complexity and backing that up with support to help set up your first AdAmplify App. Download this App today and receive a free hour of initial consultation to help you navigate the complexities of the Google Merchant Center.

Need Help with Campaigns

Setting up and managing your first Google Ads campaign, or running subsequent ones, may require more time or more expertise than you have in-house. We can help. We’ve managed hundreds of campaigns, seeing returns of 300% and more on our customer’s ad spend. Click here for more information on AdAmplify’s Managed Campaign Services.