Dimensions: The Next Generation of Marketing Attribution Software

Powerful Marketing Attribution Software Driven by Machine Learning

Traditional analytics platforms overwhelm you with metrics, forcing you to sort through which channels and campaigns are working, which aren’t, and where there’s opportunity. Dimensions Attribution saves you time, frustration, and misinterpretations.

Increasing Your Store’s Revenue and Optimizing Your ROAS

At AdAmplify, our team designs and develops affordable software applications that make managing and growing an eCommerce business simpler and more reliable. Our products give Shopify vendors ways to grow a sustainable e-commerce business by targeting new audiences and re-engaging existing ones with powerful data-driven marketing apps. We provide an alternative to competitive tools that are complex and inefficient for both knowledgeable marketers and start-up entrepreneurs. 


Our tools offer you a clear, unbiased  analysis of the effectiveness of your current marketing initiatives and highlights ways to optimize and build on constantly evolving results. This drives continuous growth by making better use of the variety of channels through which you can promote your brand and products. Here’s an overview of our industry-leading, best-in-class Shopify applications.

Dimensions Attribution

Dimensions Attribution takes data analysis and performance metrics to the next level using our proprietary machine learning technology. This makes Dimensions the most powerful multi-channel data-driven attribution platform for Shopify Merchants. Using Dimensions will help amplify your advertising and increase your revenue through insights, recommendations, and predictive capabilities that allow you to make better decisions on how you allocate and optimize your marketing spend.

Google & Facebook Shopping Feeds

Managing products in your Shopping Feeds can be tedious given the ever-changing rules of Google and Facebook. More than a simple feed app, our marketing tool lets you manage your feed before and after upload, dealing with many requirements not supported in Shopify. With the added ability to optimize titles and descriptions for Google and Facebook, AdAmplify offers the best app for managing Shopify feeds.

Managed Marketing Services

Don’t have the experience or the time to set up, run, and manage your own Google, Facebook, and other ad campaigns? Struggling with SEO and driving more organic search traffic to your site. We partner with leading e-commerce marketing agencies who have a proven track record of creating proven, effective campaigns powered by AdAmplify’s marketing tools.

Amplify Your Advertising * Build Your Audience * Increase Your Revenue

Don’t get bogged down trying to sort through reams of data to understand which channels or campaigns are working, which aren’t, and where there’s opportunity.  With Dimensions Attribution analyzing your data, you can focus on running your business.

Increase Marketing

To grow an eCommerce business it’s critical to understand the metrics that determine campaign growth and sustainability. Our marketing attribution software collects and analyzes your in-depth metrics, presents these clearly, and recommends actions to grow your revenue.

Recruit New

Understand which channels are recruiting visitors with a reasonable probability that they’ll purchase … and which convert to purchasers at an acceptable customer acquisition cost. With these insights you can focus your marketing budget where it counts.

Generate Repeat

The key to re-engaging first-time purchasers is through an understanding of the user journeys unique to your store. Understanding the mean number of days to repeat purchases and using our retargeting tools are powerful ways to drive repeat purchases.

Unbiased Metrics and

We’re not selling you ads, so we’re your source for unbiased revenue attribution. Our machine learning technology dynamically calculates the actual weight of each channel you’re using, recognizing that user behavior is different on every site. That makes AdAmplify a must-have Shopify marketing app.

What Other Platforms Does AdAmplify Integrate With?

AdAmplify is the leading data-driven solution to optimize your advertising and marketing initiatives. Our software integrates with:

  • • Shopify
  • • Google Ads
  • • Google Shopping Ads
  • • Buy on Google
  • • Facebook
  • • Instagram
  • • Microsoft Ads (Bing)

And more. If you don’t see a platform you’re using, just ask.

Why Dimensions is the Best Shopify App For Increasing Your Marketing ROI

Competitive eCommerce marketing tools fall short of providing you with actionable information that successfully points you in the right direction for increasing your audience and revenue.

AdAmplify is here to provide data-driven attribution insights and recommendations to enhance your eCommerce store’s performance. With quantitative data, comparative trends,  and our machine learning methodologies at your fingertips, you’ll see why we provide the best Shopify apps on which to grow your business.

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