Amplify Managed Services

Reduce the time you’ll spend “doing-it-yourself”. If you’re just starting out on a marketing program, we can get you off on the right foot to profitability, filling in where you may be lacking the resources or technical expertise. If your campaigns are underperforming, we can help optimize conversions, increase new customer acquisition, and meet your revenue goals.

Also, make sure your Shopify site is optimized to increase your Google ranking. This depends on everything from page load times to a quality feed. Our Shopify Pre- and In-Flight Shopify Site Check-Ups will deliver more successful marketing campaigns, more quality impressions and click-thrus, and improved conversions.

About AdAmplify’s Managed Services

 One of AdAmplify’s guiding principles is to provide systems and services designed for the enterprise but priced for smaller and mid-size Shopify merchants. When you partner with AdAmplify, you leverage our 25 years of e-commerce and digital marketing experience for high demand environments.

To get started, select one or combine a few of our managed services programs. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page..

Managed Marketing Services

Google Support Assistance

Give frustration the boot! You’ve set up your Merchant Center and uploaded your first feed. Google’s responses and status messages are leaving you confused and scratching your head. We analyze and identify where you need to make adjustments and guide you through the steps necessary to qualify your account and products for approval by Google.

Set Up Google Merchant Center and free Surfaces across Google

Get started now! What’s better than free? We’ll get your Google Merchant Center set up quickly, and check that your site is Surfaces across Google compliant. For common listings without variants, we’ll ensure your feed qualifies for Enhanced Listings. If you sell apparel or accessories, or other products with more complex variants, add on our Enhanced Listings module below.

Google Ads Ongoing Campaign Management & Optimization

Focus on your business! Your initial campaign is up and running, but you don’t have the time and/or experience to continually manage and optimize it. After establishing your budget and CPC settings, we’ll handle it for you, reporting monthly with performance metrics and recommendations for the coming month. Monthly or Quarterly Programs available.

Google Shopping Actions

Power up! We help you set up the Google Merchant Centre for Shopping Actions, a more involved process than setting up the GMC for Surfaces or Shopping Ads. We also conduct a Retail Standards Rating checkup, a site qualification analysis, and a review to ensure your Shopify listings meet Google’s data requirements.

Google Enhanced Listings

Get priority! Qualifying for Enhanced Listings will become the standard threshold if your ads are to receive priority starting in September 2020. Selling apparel or accessories? Or products with variants? You need to start the qualification process now. There’s more than just meeting Google’s new data requirements; we make sure you cover all the bases.

Managed Shopify Services

Select one, or combine two or more of our Managed Shopify Services programs, to make sure your site is performing at its best and meeting Google’s increasingly tight requirements.

Pre-Flight Google Requirements Checkup for Shopify Merchants

Assisted lift-off! Does your Shopify store meet Google requirements to qualify for Surfaces across Google, Shopping Ads, and Google Actions? Product data requirements are one thing. But your store needs to meet minimum Google requirements as well for each of these programs. We’ll help you anticipate the hurdles and get you off the ground.

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In-Flight Shopify Store Checkup

Extend your flight range! Are your campaigns falling short? The causes may be multiple and varied, so now is the time for a full checkup on your site. Any number of not so obvious reasons, such as poor Google vendor and product rankings. may be letting you down. We do a deep dive, identify causes, and develop a plan to resolve any other issues negatively affecting campaign conversions and revenue performance.


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