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Dimensions Attribution
Integrates with:
Google Merchant CenterN
Google AdsN
Facebook AdsN
Microsoft AdsN
Channel / Paid Ads / Paid PlatformsN
Ad Group / AdsN
User Journey / Email List CreationN
Summary Touchpoint & LagTimeN
Reporting Metrics:
First / Subsequent / Total PurchasesN
Return on InvestmentN
Customer Acquisition CostN
Customer ValueN
Average Order ValueN
New and Repeat Purchasers / PurchasesN
Detailed TouchPoints & LagtimeN
Starting at $99.99/mo
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Shopping Plus Feed Shopping Pro Feed
Integrates with:
Google Merchant CenterNN
Surfaces Across GoogleNN
Google Shopping AdsNN
Buy on Google N
Facebook CatalogNN
Facebook Dynamic AdsNN
Facebook Traffic AdsNN
Instagram Shopping AdsNN
Facebook ShopsNN
Other Features:
Feed Configuration & SetupNN
In-App Management/Editing of ProductsNN
Disapproved Product ManagementNN
Inteligent Option MappingNN
Custom Option MappingNN
Attribute Management (Google/Facebook Attributes)NN
Groups & Maps Product VariantsNN
Enhanced Listings (Basic Products)NN
Enhanced Listings (Apparel & Custom Options)NN
Buy on Google Orders Synced to Shopify N
Unlimited Synced Buy on Google Orders N
Shopify Refunds Synced to Google N
Optimized for Google’s Universal Shopping Cart N
Responsive Email Support
STARTER (Up to 200 products)$ 12.99$ 19.99
BASIC (Up to 1,000 products)$ 19.99$ 49.99
ADVANCED (Up to 10,000 products)$ 49.99$ 99.99
ENTERPRISE (Up to 50,000 products)$ 99.99$ 199.99
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All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days