We had a disappointing previous experience with Google Shopping ads (no revenue generated) but decided to give it another try using AdAmplify and their Google Shopping Feed. This is a very new app but it is nicely designed with each step clearly laid out. It’s obvious they have a lot of tech and business savvy in the ecommerce space (helps that they are located here in North America).
Our products were uploaded without any issues; really liked the fact that we can manage the products we include in the feed right within the app itself. AdAmplify helped us set up our first campaign and in the end we asked them to manage it for us as we don’t have the time and expertise to stay on top of tuning our campaigns for the results we’re looking for. They did a really solid job and as a result our first month saw a solid return (380% on our ad spend).
I recommend you consider them for your Google Shopping ad campaigns.